Best Ways of Beginning Your Essay

When writing your essay, you want to ensure that the beginning is more outstanding than any other part of your article for the best results.

An essay is usually divided into three sections. These sections include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Although all these parts matter, it is necessary to put more effort into the opening, which is the start of your essay. The reason is that the introduction is the face of the article. If it does not capture the attention of the reader, there is a high probability they won’t read the entire essay. Here is how to start your piece to ensure it attracts the reader’s attention.

Conduct Research

You may be a smart student. However, even the greatest of them fail in the absence of a plan. Therefore, the first step in starting your essay is researching the preferred topic. With this, one becomes aware of the contexts to include in their article hence restrict themselves to a specific message in the introduction, which is advisable. The reason is that you do not want to reveal everything at the start of your essay because this will kill the content of the body, making your essay boring in the long run. Hence, conducting research is the first step in starting your essay.

H2: Hook Your Idea

As mentioned, the start of your essay should capture the attention of your reader. Therefore, the last thing you want is to mix ideas obtained from your research. In an attempt of establishing your thoughts, all you need to do at the beginning is to hook your ideas. Hooking ideas is creative and should give a curious direction about what the essay intends to talk about eventually. With curiosity, you will have succeeded in attracting the reader’s attention, which will leave them with no option but to read through the essay to understand what you want to address.

H2: Include a Thesis

Any essay aims to communicate on a specific message. A proper piece should embed its objective at the beginning of the essay through the thesis statement. Ideally, a thesis statement is the last sentence that carries the aim of the essay. While starting your essay, it is very integral to include the thesis statement because it directly makes the reader aware of what you want to address in the essay.

H2: Conclusion

As seen throughout the article, the essay is similar to the icing of a cake. If it is messy, you are not expecting anyone to read your work until the end. If you are a student, the case becomes worse since there is a high probability that your professor may under grade you almost immediately. Want better grades? The three tips are the way to go. However, do not forget that this is the start of your essay. Therefore, make everything as brief as possible without missing critical concepts such as hooking of ideas and incorporation of the thesis statement.